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Our BIOCARE toothpaste supports Bionicman and thus Michel Fornasier's “Give Children a Hand” foundation, which enables physically handicapped children to have playful access to hand prostheses.

Bionicman, the superhero with a bionic hand prosthesis, is Michel Fornasier's comic alterego.

Born with just one hand, Fornasier has made it his business to sensitize children from an early age: "Not every person has to be the same and a supposed weakness can become a strength."The superhero with a handicap and a big heart travels through time, fights bullying and helps people in particularly difficult life situations.

With the Bionicman series, author Michel Fornasier and draftsman David Boller (Spider-Man, Batman) have created a new form of comics that will delight young and old readers. Part of the sales proceeds will be donated to the "Give Children a Hand" foundation.

As Michel Fornasier brushes his teeth with Swissdent BIOCARE, a comic was drawn in which Bionicman distributed the BIOCARE toothpaste to the children.The BIOCARE toothpaste was developed with a new combination of active ingredients (biomineralization) to strengthen the tooth surface and protect it from sensitivityto protect.The fluoride-free toothpaste is suitable for children from 4 years of age.


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