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New Children’s Range SWISSDENT KIDS

Updated: May 16

SWISSDENT is launching «My Little Star», the world’s first completely unsweetened and flavourless toothpaste for children

Zurich, 17. June 2021. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, SWISSDENT Cosmetics AG is known for its particularly gentle whitening toothpastes. The company is now launching its first product from its brand new SWISSDENT KIDS range - «My Little Star». «My Little Star» is a completely unsweetened and flavour-neutral toothpaste for children aged 0 to 6. This lets parents actively prevent their children being programmed to love sweets from an early age.

The figures are alarming: 14 million children in Europe suffer from overweight according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), rising by another 400’000 each year. Aside from bullying and teasing, these children run the risk of developing lifestyle-related conditions such as high blood pressure, heart and circulatory disorders, gout and Diabetes in later life. According to the WHO, over four million people die from conditions caused by obesity worldwide each year. As a comparison: that’s twice as many deaths caused by coronavirus in 2020.

«I became a father three years ago and was shocked to see that, all over the world, the only children’s toothpastes available are flavoured and sweetened with artificial flavours such as bubblegum, vanilla and chocolate or strawberry,» says Zurich-born SWISSDENT Cosmetics founder Dr Vaclav Velkoborsky. «Despite it long being known how much damage it causes when children are conditioned to want sweets from an early age. This insight inspired me to develop my own children’s toothpaste that’s neither flavoured nor artificially sweetened.»

Thorough avoidance of sugar early on in childhood can save lives later on

Based on the high-tech technology in Dr Velkoborsky’s existing gentle SWISSDENT toothpastes and after many years of research, the company is now launching a 100% unflavoured and unsweetened children’s toothpaste, «My Little Star». It’s the first product from the new SWISSDENT KIDS range.

Scientific studies have shown that babies regularly consuming sweetened foods and drinks display an increased preference for sweetened drinks up to the age of ten and, in most cases, into adulthood. It’s therefore all the more important to avoid sweet tastes early on to ensure moderate sugar consumption later in life. «The figures speak for themselves,» says Dr Velkoborsky. «Excess weight and obesity are chronic diseases that cause a lot of suffering and generate costs for society as a whole. And we can act against it very early on, which is something many parents aren’t aware of.»

High-tech Swiss toothpastes with natural enzymes for children and adults

Dr Velkoborsky cannot accept that small children will only brush their teeth with sweetened toothpastes. «If they’ve never come into contact with this kind of flavoured toothpaste, they can’t want it.»

As all SWISSDENT toothpastes, «My Little Star» boasts a special combination of high-tech and natural enzymes:

  • a patented biomimetic process remineralises and strengthens milk teeth, supplementing the fluoride already found in drinking water and table salt.

  • Plant extracts inhibit plaque formation and prevent sensitivity. The natural enzyme papain helps remove plaque and discolouration.

  • Xylitol has cavity-preventing properties.

  • No fluoride: «My Little Star» can be swallowed without cause for concern.

  • Free from gluten, lactose, triclosan, artificial flavourings, SLS, PEG- derivatives and parabens

  • Not tested on animals, vegan

  • For daily use, from their very first milk tooth, 0-6 years

  • Low abrasion, RDA <40


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