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Smiles made to measure

Today, people want to have the perfect selfie smile in real life. Modern dentistry makes it possible.

Once upon a time, a gap between the front teeth was considered sexy and a chipped corner masculine. While actors like Vanessa Paradis or Jim Carrey still charmed with an individual smile a few years ago, these images are now banished from the screen. Today, stars and starlets literally shine in unison with a radiant white, very even smile.

And we mere mortals are following suit. Why is this so? Dr Hannah Selzner, dentist and medical consultant at Swissdent, can clearly pinpoint this circumstance: «I observe a change in aesthetic perception among my patients, which can clearly be attributed to social media. Filters are so good that they make us believe in the ideal ME - this includes the perfect smile.»

Studies also prove this connection: filters create ideals that are anything but natural. To keep up with reality, people often take the help of dentistry: Artificial looks require artificial measures.

Everyone is talking about veneers. So it's hardly surprising that bleaching and veneers are very popular. The latter is a kind of ceramic strip that is bonded to the front surface of the teeth. Afterwards, the teeth appear even and white. What more could you want?

A legitimate question. But before you decide, you also have to know that there are different techniques for attaching veneers. Among other things, the enamel is ground down so that the strips hold better. Dr Hannah Selzner therefore recommends Veneers primarily to patients who are suffering from severe discolouration or accidental damage, but also adds: «With Veneers you can design a new smile. However, one must also warn against them, because they are not the all-time solution! They are glued on so tightly that nothing can get underneath. But if that's not the case, caries can form unnoticed in the gaps.»

The perfect smile at any price? Please don't! That also applies to bleaching. Dentists advise against do-it-yourself products. Even if no irreversible damage is done, the teeth become more and more sensitive. This kind of beautification should be left to professionals. But what do dentists really think?

The truth by dentists. Dr Hannah Selzner sums it up: «There is a downward spiral. If you start doing something artificial to your teeth, you always have to do something. That's why we dentists always advise the following: Do as little as possible.»

Teeth today are often reduced to their looks, but anyone who gives his smile an artificial upgrade, should therefore also take care of oral hygiene. Soft toothbrushes and pastes for sensitive teeth are a must. For example, the paste Swissdent Gentle contains the coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E, which supports cell renewal, among other things!

Photo: @swissdent


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