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Sustainable tubes from the «I’m green» labelcome to SWISSDENT BIOCARE

Zurich, 7th January 2021. The Swiss company SWISSDENT Cosmetics AG, based in Zurich, is known for its particularly gentle whitening toothpastes, which are completely manufactured in Switzerland. The «SWISSDENT BIOCARE» toothpaste, suitable for particularly sensitive teeth, will now come with a tube made from sustainable plastic from the «I’m green» label.

The Zurich-based company SWISSDENT Cosmetics AG is now having the «SWISSDENT BIOCARE» tube made of sustainable plastic from the «I'm green» organic label. The international label uses a polyethylene synthetic for its tube production. This synthetic is made from sugar cane, a renewable raw material, whereas traditional polyethylene uses fossil fuels such as crude oil or natural gas. For this reason, the «I'm green» polyethylene captures and binds CO2 from the atmosphere during its production. This way, it contributes to the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

The «SWISSDENT BIOCARE» toothpaste with an active ingredient combination (biomineralisation) strengthens the dental surface and protects against sensitivity. It also has a particularly low RDA value of 38 (typical whitening toothpastes have an RDA value of well over 100), is vegan and does not contain any gluten, lactose, triclosan, artificial flavourings or parabens.

«As a premium brand, sustainability is a matter of course for us. That is why we do not only adjust the content but also always the packaging of our products to the newest scientific standards», explains SWISSDENT CEO Astrid von Stockar.


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