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Dental tips for parents

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Oral hygiene and offspring are sometimes difficult to reconcile, but you want to rock the baby? We'll show you how!

Timing is everything! Many parents wonder when their little ones' teeth should be brushed. There is only one answer: from the first tooth! We explain here why:

Routine is most important. Little ones learn tips for brushing their teeth in a playful way as early as kindergarten. However, the great feat lies in the routine and in the hands of the parents, because for them it means sticking to it and not giving in! Firm habits not only determine the dental health of children, but also that of adults later in life. Dr Hannah Selzner, dentist and medical advisor at Swissdent, emphasises in this context: «Prophylaxis is crucial. It's also the easiest and cheapest way for young people to take care of their teeth!»

Dr. Vaclav Velkoborsky, founder of Swissdent, with his son Max

In most cases, good habits that have been trained in childhood are retained. And survive many a ravages of time. That is why it can be said with confidence: It is very unlikely that you will inherit bad teeth! It is much more likely that parents pass on bad habits to their offspring. Because if you don't pay much attention to your baby teeth, you won't start with a good routine with your second teeth. This is not the only reason to pay attention to the milk teeth:

When the tooth fairy comes ... milk teeth are far from forgotten! Many parents do not take milk teeth seriously, but this can have fatal consequences! They are not only essential because of the routine the kids have learned, but also because of their importance for the next set of teeth: If a baby tooth has to be pulled, the teeth move into the gap and eventually grow back crooked. If the extracted tooth had caries, a nerve can also become inflamed. This can cause permanent damage to the next tooth underneath. And not only that: a negative visit to the dentist can also traumatise for years!

Fluoride: This is where one bites on granite as soon as it gets down to the nitty-gritty. In fact, opinions differ on fluoride. Doctors advise fluoride to be added as early as babyhood, which is why it is added to most toothpastes. However, toddlers usually already take in enough fluoride through their drinking water and food. This can lead to an overdose that results in fluorosis - and the positive effect of the trace element is reversed: the tooth enamel is attacked and unsightly white spots appear - which remain.

At this point at the latest, you should reach for the «My Little Star» toothpaste from Swissdent. It does not contain any sweeteners or fluoride.

Photo: @swissdent


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