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The Hollywood Smile Principle:Grin your way to the top!

A beautiful smile is not only the best beauty accessory, but also the smartest tool in your hand luggage towards the career ladder.

Studies prove what we intuitively feel: Attractiveness and professional success are not only mutually beneficial, but can no longer be separated in an increasingly visual world. One is a condition for the other. Thus one of our modern beliefs clearly states:

«Competent people are good-looking people.»

But this was not always the case: while a study by the University of Hamburg shows that as recently as 1986 attractiveness as an asset for the career ladder was set at a value of 16%, today it is already 30%. Studies from the United States go even one step further. As one would expect, the connection between attractiveness and success is the subject of the most research here. The inventors of the «Hollywood smile» already proved this in the early 1990s: Beautiful people earn up to 15% more for the same work than below-average good-looking people. An experiment at DUKE University in North Carolina called the «Corporate Beauty Contest» even went one better: it proved that beautiful people are congruent with executives by presenting a test group with pictures of people they did not know and having them fill them with associations. The test group recognised the executives because they were more attractive than the other test subjects.

Now, teeth are particularly important in this context, as Astrid von Stockar, CEO of Swissdent, also emphasises: «In this context, teeth are the last thing you can improve in terms of your own attractiveness. After you have filled your wardrobe with the best business cloth and steeled your body in the gym, the only thing left for optimisation are your teeth - which ultimately also determine your own success.»

Here, too, there is a clear definition of beautiful teeth, which is equivalent to a beautiful smile: even, white teeth that are well cared for and show no discolouration or tartar are considered attractive.

Is it that simple? Indeed! For those who are still not convinced, here is one last study: Even before eyes and hair, teeth are perceived as the most important attribute of attractiveness in the other person. Seen in this light, a beautiful smile is not only the best business card, but also the best ticket to the top.

Photo Header: @unsplash


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