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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

A giveaway game is running on the Swissdent Instagram account for Valentine's Day. Win a weekend with your loved one in the traditional Hotel Privata in Sils.

Run by the 4th generation of the Engadin Giovanoli family, world-famous artists such as Marc Chagall have been inspired by the beautiful house as hotel guests. Among other things, he painted the pictures "Window picture with bouquet of flowers" and "The window of Sils Maria" in the «Privata

The hotelier family itself had outstanding artists and athletes in every generation, such as the 5-time World Cup winner and ski star of the 1960s Dumeng Giovanoli, the father of the current hotel manager Corina Giovanoli.

Win a reason for a bright smile together with your loved one and simply click on the link to our Instagram account:


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