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What a mouth!

It´s clear as water, that mouthwashes are good for us ... but are they really? The truth about an everyday product.

Who hasn't experienced this? Your breath is bad, so you reach for a mouthwash. It tastes sharp and fresh; the green or blue colour also visually supports the impression of freshness and you are satisfied with the result. Sooner or later, you become fond of the practical mouthwash and start using it every day.

Does this sound familiar? If so, here's the good news first: in principle, it's very commendable to use mouthwash every day! After all, it kills bacteria in the mouth. And according to Dr. Vaclav Velkoborsky, founder, and administrative president of SWISSDENT, they have a nasty habit of always coming back.

Now for the bad news: most mouthwashes contain alcohol, an additive that is unhealthy for many reasons. The first reason is an obvious one: people with an alcohol problem should give such rinses a wide berth. But everyone else should also be told: long-term use of mouthwashes containing alcohol is counterproductive. Alcohol can irritate the oral mucosa and impair the taste receptors. Even the connection between alcohol-containing mouthwashes and tongue cancer has been established according to recent studies.

However, the negative effects of a thoroughly positive product can be playfully circumvented: By using mouthwashes that do not contain alcohol. Astrid von Stockar, CEO of SWISSDENT, also points out another aspect: «Most rinses leave behind a grey haze because they have been coloured. This means that commercial mouthwashes do not improve the situation in the long run but make it worse.»

You can't mince words on this issue.

So, if you reach for mouthwashes that do without alcohol and colour, you will experience brightening effects in the long run. Modern technologies go even further: they even have a proactive whitening effect! However, this is only possible with special, patented technologies and the best aka honest ingredients.

This is where Astrid von Stockar emphasises the special importance of SWISSDENT rinses: «Our products are antibacterial and brighten via our patented Oxygard technology. SWISSDENT rebalances the pH value in the mouth and works best in combination with our mouthspray. The mouthspray is the small, compact-intensive counterpart to the mouthwash. It's our whitening-to-go product for your handbag, which you can take anywhere and spray on your teeth at any time.»

Ideal for those who like the feeling of brushed teeth. Even in the fancy restaurant at the Lido.

Photo: @unsplash


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