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EXTREME Combo Pack

EXTREME Combo Pack



1x EXTREME Toothpaste 50ml


  • Product-Information

    EXTREME Toothpaste 50ml: The patented SWISSDENT-Formula with calcium peroxide in micro size and fruit enzymes gently loosens the dirt and ensures a perfect whitening result. The EXTREME toothpaste is suitable for daily cleaning and, with its low RDA of 40, is gentle on tooth enamel and gums.

    More information here: EXTREME Toothpaste


    PROFI WHITENING Toothbrush: The small brush head of the toothbrush also optimally reaches difficult areas in the mouth. In addition, the spoon shape of the bristles nestles against the tooth and is gentle on the gums. Microparticles on the bristles allow a stronger lightening effect.

    More information here: PROFI WHITENING Toothbrush

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