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Limited Edition silver Set – ft MAISON MOLLERUS

Limited Edition silver Set – ft MAISON MOLLERUS



1x Maison Mollerus bag

1x GENTLE Toothpaste 100ml

1x PROFI Gentle white toothbrush

  • Product information

    SWISSDENT Travel Set GENTLE, specially designed and handmade by MAISON MOLLERUS – a unique fusion of two Swiss companies dedicated to highest quality and everything 100% made in Switzerland.


    SWISSDENT: founded by a Swiss dentist 10 years ago. He develops innovative, gentle toothpastes that have been patented.


    MAISON MOLLERUS: founded by the Mollerus family 30 years ago. All bags are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.




    GENTLE Toothpaste 100ml: an extra-gentle whitening toothpaste for those with sensitive teeth and mild staining. Patented micro-technology whitens teeth while acting highly protective: tooth surfaces remain undamaged. An extremely low RDA-value of 25 provides gentle, minimally abrasive cleaning of the teeth. Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E contents support cell rejuvenation and promote the revitalisation of gums. Also suitable for use after restorative dental work such as crowns and caps due to its extra gentle abrasion level.

    More Information here: GENTLE Toothpaste


    PROFI GENTLE Toothbrush: The small brush head of the toothbrush also optimally reaches difficult areas in the mouth. In addition, the spoon shape of the bristles nestles against the tooth and is gentle on the gums.

    More Information here: PROFI GENTLE Toothbrush

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