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The Secret Behind

SWISSDENT’s secret formula is a special combination of high-tech and natural enzymes.

Bromelain and papain, derived from pineapple and papaya respectively, remove plaque naturally from the tooth surface, acting in a similar manner to an «enzymatic peeling». Responsible for the actual whitening process (i.e., the oxidation of the accumulated colour pigments) are calcium peroxide (CaO2) and Oxygard®. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, CaO2 is micronized (reduced in size) so as to ensure that it is able to effectively target those areas which will benefit from its use.

What is the difference of SWISSDENT to other oral care products?

The difference to any other toothpaste, toothbrush or mouthspray lies in the patented SWISSDENT innovations and high tech production made in Switzerland.

Innovation 1

Microtechnology to whiten teeth without damaging enamel

Innovation 4

Biomimetic remineralisation technology to repair mineral loss of the tooth enamel and work against dental aging

Innovation 7

Spoon cut toothbrush bristles for professional-grade home teeth cleaning

Innovation 2

Very low RDA for minimally abrasive cleaning

(RDA 14-40)

Innovation 5

Biomineralization strengthens the tooth surface and protects against sensitivity

Innovation 8

Handle design like a dental instrument for precision cleaning, and small head to minimise  the risk of damaging the gums

Innovation 3

Gum rejuvenation through using Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E in the toothpaste

Innovation 6

Oxygard® technology simultaneously whitens teeth and fights the bacteria associated with bad breath

Innovation 9

The world's first unsweetened and flavour-neutral toothpaste for children.



SWISSDENT is an international company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded in 2006 by the Swiss dentist Dr. med. dent. Vaclav Velkoborsky.

As a practicing specialist in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Velkoborsky developed a particular interest in dental whitening procedures and has become an authority on the subject. Popular bleaching methods often have negative side effects, such as hypersensitivity and enamel damage. Through his patients Dr. Velkoborsky recognised the need for a gentle, mineralising and whitening toothpaste, and embarked in 2005 on the development of a formula which utilised the latest dental knowledge and technology and which contained only the finest ingredients. SWISSDENT’s unique formula was patented and provides gentle brightening and a highly effective teeth cleaning.

In 2016, former television producer Astrid von Stockar took over as CEO of the company and has also been its majority shareholder since the end of 2019.

SWISSDENT Cosmetics AG is now represented in over 40 countries and employs a number of specialists in the development of innovative dental care products. It holds several patents. All products are 100% Swiss Made and are subject to strict Swiss quality controls.

Headquarters & production

SWISSDENT Cosmetics AG, Switzerland

Distribution company EU

SWISSDENT Cosmetics GmbH, Germany

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