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Genuine Leather Set Green

Genuine Leather Set Green

CHF120.00 Regular Price
CHF99.00Sale Price


1x Handmade genuine leather set, 22 x 10 x 12 cm

1x BIOCARE Toothpaste 50ml

1x EXTREME Mouthwash 250ml

1x PROFI Colours Toothbrush

  • Product Information

    Handmade genuine leather set filled with gentle whitening oral care. Everything made in Switzerland.


    BIOCARE Toothpaste 50ml: has been developed with an innovative,

    active ingredient combination (biomineralisation and plant extracts) that strengthens the tooth surface, protects against sensitivity, wards off new discolourations and improves gingival health. Free from fluoride. RDA 38. More information: here


    EXTREME Mouthwash 250ml: whitens teeth gently, inhibits bacterial growth and plaque formation. The disinfectant effect ensures a healthy mouth and long-lasting fresh breath. Free from fluoride, alcohol, colourants. More information: here


    PROFI Toothbrush: has a small brush head that reaches even the most difficult areas of the mouth. The concave bristle field embraces the convex contours of the tooth and prevents injuries to the gums. More information: here

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